Does trismus go away on its own?

arkj prgram head neck rehab wildflower therapy Oct 05, 2022
Trismus photo

Trismus occurs for several different reasons. Understanding the reason or etiology of trismus will determine if trismus goes away on its own. Trismus should be evaluated by a specialist if it occurs suddenly a referral to ear, nose and throat physician may be indicated. One reason a patient may experience trismus involves treatment of cancer in the head and neck region. This type of trismus will not go away. Ask your physician to refer you to a physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech language pathologist who specialize in evaluation and management of trismus.

Possible causes of trismus may include injury directly to the muscles of jaw, trismus following a brain injury and radiotherapy induced trismus. Depending on the cause and onset of trismus will determine trismus will go away. A trismus injury can be extremely painful and is recommended to be evaluated by a physician to determine the anticipated course of treatment. Treatment varies widely based on the muscles, nerve and joints involved in the injury. Don’t wait to seek a medical opinion if you are experiencing pain with opening your mouth!