What massage will help trismus?

Jan 16, 2023

What type of massage will help trismus?

Myofascial release can decrease the pain associated with trismus. Applying pressure to the affected muscle and completing strokes can aid in relief of trismus pain. 

The following muscles may benefit from myofascial techniques and massage following cancer treatment and radiation to the head and neck: 

1. Masseter Muscle

2. Lateral Ptygeroid Muscle

3. Medical Ptygeroid Muscle

4. Temporalis Muscle

How do I massage my masseter muscle?

1. Take your index finger and your thumb finger. 

2. Place the index finger inside the cheek and line it up your thumb on the outside of your cheek. 

3. Complete circles up and down while your fingers maintain constant contact and firm but not painful pressure. 

4. Discuss with your physical therapist or speech pathologist the number or repetitions and frequency of times in a day you should complete the exercise based on your pain scale. 

Tip: It is often easier to have the same side hand complete the same side of the cheek and then alternate if needed. 

What is myofascial massage doing to the tissue?

Myofascial release can address radiation fibrosis syndrome by applying pressure to release the fibrotic connections and tension of the muscle and surrounding structures. The restrictions are within the fascia resulting in decreased range of motion, loss of function of the muscle and pain. Through massage the goal is to improve the flexibility and mobility of the muscle resulting also improving blood flow and function. Myofascial release should be recommended and guided by a licensed professional and is utilized in conjunction with rehabilitative exercises. 

In our clinic we utilize these gloves: 

Gloves for Intraoral Massage

Author: Lauren Meffen, MA CCC/SLP, CLT 

Speech Language Pathologist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist

SA9770 License Number